Carowinds releases video of Fury 325

Carowinds officials released their first test run video for their new coaster Fury 325.

The video was released late Wednesday afternoon and is taken from the riders point of view. Giving the viewer the feeling of actually being on the ride for the first drop.

Fury 325 will be debuting in the Spring, and will be the world’s fastest and tallest giga-coaster.

A giga coaster by Wikipedia definition, is a type of roller coaster with a height or drop that ranges from 300 feet (91m) to 399 feet (122m) and completes a full circuit.

The ride stands at 325 feet tall with an 81 degree initial drop. The ride reaches a high speed up to 95 miles per hour. Japan’s Steel Dragon 2000 will be moved to second place for the tallest giga coaster, standing at 318 feet tall.

Fury 325 is part of a $50 million-year expansion for the North Carolina park.