She is a bitch and her name is Karma

We all may have heard the saying, “What goes around comes around“, but we never really knew if that was  true or just something we are just use to saying. Well, take it from me karma came around and she is a bitch.

From my experience with the phrase ‘What goes around come around’, means you have done something mean, hurtful, or just not nice to another person and you will get yours one day. Which in some sense can be a way of bringing peace regarding a situation knowing that the universe will handle it. So you should let go and move on. On the other hand when you are receiving what you have once given that is where the bitch comes in. 

My personal testimony on this matter is that I am on the receiving end of what I have once given off, and it involves a guy.

When I was in college I loathed the thought of being in a relationship and falling in love again. I did not want to give my all to someone as I did with this guy I dated for my last two years of high school. So, when I got to college I was in my Trina ‘Single Again‘ mindset. Which meant I led a lot of guys on, dated , tried friends with benefits, you name it. No Shirley Caesar. Wanting companionship, but do not want to commit because you are to guarded after the last person broke your heart.

The saying goes, “Having your cake and eating it too“.

Although I was in my ‘Single Again’ mindset there was this one guy that I got into a relationship with that lasted about two years.We was great together aside from all the drama and foolishness, and I gave him as much as I allowed myself to give him knowing he was giving me his all. I was selfish. I was not the best boyfriend, and I knew that. He had his faults that contributed into the fall of our relationship, but I would be lying if I said that the way I acted did not contribute to his faults or insecurities. You really hurt people that way. Because they know you care for them, but you do not know it yourself.

I acted as if I was single sometimes while dating someone. And I have developed feelings for someone who acted just as I did when I was in college sometimes. And it hit me like a head on collision when I thought to myself, Now I see how my ex must have felt dating me“.

Now isn’t that a bitch?

The funny thing about karma is that once you are on the receiving end you are aware of it, or at least I am/was. You then come to realize that you should always treat others how you want to be treated, that old saying.  You start to  give others advice to be cautious with things they are doing because you know from experience that they will one day be in that same situation and paralyzed from getting out. Like an older person speaking wisdom to the youth, but you do not listen. You think you are invincible, until it is you.

She is a bitch and her name is Karma.