WCW: Jennifer Lopez- Do It Well

My Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) goes to Jennifer Lopez and her song  ‘Do It Well’.

I remember when I was in the 10th grade at Hartsville High School staying with my cousin. We stayed on Bell Avenue near downtown Hartsville  which was walking distance from everything.

I remember this song mostly from walking to Vick’s Barbershop on the corner of Sixth Street and Sumter Street. I would go down Eight Street, then turn on Sumter Street to get to the barber shop. Some people will ask why I didn’t take Bell Avenue down then cut through the little cotton factory field because it was shorter. The reason I did not take that route was because there were dogs on the other side of Bell Avenue.

I would always try to strut in the middle of the road like Jennifer Lopez did in the beginning of the video. When she would sing the chorus I would do a hand motion at the “No” part.

After I would leave the barbershop with my fresh hair cut that is when I got into real performance mode. I would strut down Sumter Street with the music blasting and the wind blowing through my scalp.

One might have mistaken me for a bald Tyra Banks for my fabulous catwalk down the road. I did want to be a model around that time.


George Stinney, youngest person executed in South Carolina exonerated

14 year old executed in 1944.

14 year old executed in 1944.

In 1944 the state of South Carolina  executed 14 year old George Stinney after being convicted of killing two little white girls in Alcolu, South Carolina.

Seventy  years later Stinney was exonerated by a circuit court judge on Wednesday. Judge Carmen Mullen’s ruling clears Stinney’s name.

“Given the particularized circumstances of Stinney’s case, I find by a preponderance of the evidence standard, that a violation of the Defendant’s procedural due process rights tainted his prosecution,” Mullen said in the ruling

Stinney’s trial in 1944 lasted 3 hours in front of an all white jury. The defense presented no evidence, witnesses, or file any appeals. The jury only took 10 minutes to deliberate to come back with the guilty verdict.